Top 10 Maths presents and gifts

Top 10 Maths Gifts and Novelties

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Top 10 maths related gifts and presents

Provide a gift to inspire a friend, colleague or teacher with a passion for Mathematics. Click on the links to get more information and to read reviews and find other suggestions on maths related presents

...and don;t forget to click here to view some maths related wrapping paper to finish off your gift..Mathematics, Physics Gift Wrap

Maths Cufflinks

An ideal way to smarten up and inspire someone who loves maths and needs to look smart. Be the talk of the party or work place with these novelty cufflinks

Maths Puns Novelty Joke Mug

The great way to enjoy your favourite cup of tea or coffee. A brilliant idea for a relatively cheap and useful present

Challenging Logic Puzzles (Official Mensa Puzzle Book)

Give that special person a gift which will tax their brain and given them a chance to show off at the same time. They will sure to love these MENSA puzzles

Mathmatical Pi Sign Design Socks

Surprise and impress with these (less traditional) socks! Possibly an ideal Christmas present, a twist on the usual theme...

The Great Minds Range Aristotle's Number Puzzle

A quality puzzle which will provide hours of pleasure, testing logic and problem solving


A chocolate look-alike calculator to make solving those mathematical problems even more delicious that usual!


A car air freshener with a maths twist - the sweet smell of mathematics can fill your car!

Chalkboard Teacher Classroom Maths Wall Clock Gift (Can be personalised)

Impress colleagues and students with this mathematical wall clock.

Maths / Physics A5 ringbound note book

Take notes in this impressive mathematical notebook.

Original Rubik's Cube

The traditional problem solving gift and present - you cannot beat the Rubiks cube!